WC And The Maad Circle - You Don't Work, U Don't Eat

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Oleh : WC And The Maad Circle

featuring Ice Cube, MC Eiht, Jay Dee

"This afternoon we want to talk about"

"Now I want you brothers to dig where we coming from"


Five yers ago when I was in high school

No bills to pay, I used to say to myself "Life is cool"

I had a roof over my head and a part-time job

Slanging at OB's birdstand

Washington High was the school I attended

Til '87 graduation came and I wasn't with it

Kicked out the house at the age of 18

No money for college, mmm, how should I handle things?

I tried to go the so-called right way

And went to a JC but I wasn't getting paid

I'm working at a chicken stand now with the chicken

With a spring at the top of my hat getting clowned

I gotta pay my rent but my job ain't cutting it

So now I'm drinking gin saying "Here's my alternative"

To either keep doing what I'm doing, don't trip

Or go and buy gats y'all and come up on a grip

So like anybody else I went and bought a gun

Pulling burgs at night and now I'm counting my funds

Three times a day and I drive a coup on danas

Cruising through the alley bumping on "Hi" to players

Yo, you can say what you want but I was taught on the streets

That if a brother didn't work, then he didn't eat

"You don't work, you can't eat"


Peep this, something kind if for weakness

Focus on the park and watch how I freak this

Subject for survival, got to stay alive

I gotta eat so I do or die

Not a full-time crook but I was born right

So if I want to eat, sometimes I got to jack

So jack I will and go get some presidents

A foot in the ground and the othe

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