WC And The Maad Circle - West Up!

Dilihat: 78.038 Durasi: 4:45
Oleh : WC And The Maad Circle

featuring Mack 10, Ice Cube

Intro: WC


("Throwin up the W" -- Ice Cube) 2X

Yeah, I'm with this, what we throwin up?

("Throwin up the W" -- Ice Cube)

All you busta ass niggaz out there

I got my motherfuckin homeboys in the house ("Throwin up the W")

My nigga Ice Cube ("Throwin up the W"), Mack 10

Back to set the record straight for all these busta ass niggaz

who trip, this how we do it nigga

Chorus: WC

Front back side to side

We be givin it up, till the day we die

Niggaz hit me up, I'ma have ta erupt

So motherfucker West Up!

(repeat 2X)

Verse One: WC

Nigga clear the lane, here I come, once again

With this, gangsta click, droppin this, gangsta shit

Strictly for the riders who ride us I gotta WestSider

rhymer for them niggaz that's sittin on them Dayton wires

Pump the bass, hit the switch

Cause Ice Cube, Mack 10, and Dub-C, back up in this b-i-itch

Straight hoodsta for life, ain't no lookin back

Ink in my flesh, WestSide tattered on my chest

Walkin with the shadow of death

Through the land of the skanless, South Central Los Angeles

Home of the Crips and the Bloods

Where even the strongest niggaz is drug through the mud

And visitors from outta town best to stay in Hollywood

You get that tourist ass ganked strollin through my hood

West coast till the casket drop

I be throwin it up, so motherfucker West Up!

Verse Two: Mack 10

It's gun ho Mack one-oh please you can't fuck wit deez

Ice Cubez and Dub-Ceez is my G'z

And hip-hop, top three niggaz the new bosses

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