W.C. And The Maad Circle - Fuck My Daddy

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Oleh : W.C. And The Maad Circle


FUCK MY DADDY, is somethin I've been wantin to say for the longest

I'm givin peace to moms, cause moms was the strongest

Cause daddy abandoned me at a young age

And shoved me and my baby brother my mother's way

And comin home late every night

I used to hear him grabbin momma by the neck, lookin for fights

Lit as a wino, but sick as a psycho

I used to hide under the covers with my eyes closed

Cryin and hopin tonight that daddy didn't trip

Cause momma already need stitches in her top lip

Cause daddy got mad and beat the hell out of her

And throwin chairs against the wall every night, became a regular

I used to pray and hope that daddy would die

Cause over nothin momma's sufferin a swoll up black eye

And at the end of my prayers, cryin myself to sleep

All I could think about was FUCK MY DADDY

A well rounded family, yo I don't know

The way I grew up, wasn't nuthin like The Cosby Show

Pops never gave me no props, just cheap shots

Say the wrong thing and I just might get dropped

Cause I remember times when I asked for a quarter

And pops was on the verge of a voluntary manslaughter

Always screamin about the bills he had to pay

The story of his life, I thought about a runaway

Front for his friends and spendin all his ends

on his women, his dope and alcohol binges

My brother, my mother and me got two's and fews

Secondhand pants, Top Ramen, and holy shoes

It even got so scandalous, pops had me spendin the night

takin graveyard chances

Sleepin in the bed with his girlfriend kids

And I'm scared to tell my momma cause I might not live

I guess that you can say that Poppa was a Rolling Stone

But me I'm just a victim of the plague of the broken home


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