Napoleon XIV - Marching Off To Bedlam

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Oleh : Napoleon XIV

One, two, three!

Here we go!

Bedlam, bedlam!

Ho, ho, ho!

*sung in background all the way through*: Ring ding ding, rum bum bum, riki tiki daba daba dum bum bum

Knock, knock, knock!

Come right in!

You?re the people from the looney bin!

How?d you guys get here so soon?

Did you spot my toy balloon?

Please don?t make the straps too snug.

I?ve always been a fragile bug.

Must we march?

Can?t we ride?

I?ve got my horse parked right outside.

Glad to see that we?re on time

But must you always speak in rhyme?

Lock the door and hide the key,

?Cause if I get loose, you won?t catch me

*panting from ring ding dinger*

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